8 Tips for GREAT Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation? Why Bother? Job interviews can be intimidating, anxiety inducing experiences. The scenario is common, you spot the ideal job. You spend a great deal of your personal time agonising over your application. The job seems perfect – you need to get this right. You submit your application and then you wait. The wait lasts forever, and then you finally hear. You have an interview! First comes excitement. You’re in with a shot. This could change your life. Then you realise the gravity of the situation. You have an INTERVIEW.

You now must PREPARE. You will only have the one shot.

We all know preparation is KEY. So here are Standouty’s 8 tips for preparing for your next interview.

Interview Preparation TIP 1: Research the Company!

You have to demonstrate to the panel that you have an interest in THIS company. Everyone likes to feel special! Knowing what the company does, their history and their ambition will demonstrate a genuine interest and the initiative to research the company. Take the time to:

  1. Look through the Company’s website. The ‘About Us’ page will give you a great insight. But also look at the services they offer, customer reviews, company history etc. Build yourself a picture of what they do, what they’re about and the company’s goals.
  1. Check their Social Media Accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc). Companies will keep these much more up to date than their company website. You will see how they are engaging with customers, what customers think of them, the culture of the company and upcoming events, promotions etc.
  1. Understand what they are trying to achieve. You’ll get a picture of this from steps 1 & 2 but also look at features in other press and media. Understand any charitable work the company may also do.
  1. Get to know their culture. If you can, speak to people that work there. glassdoor.com is a site where employees leave reviews of what its like to work at different companies and will offer great insight. www.linkedin.com will also give good insight.

Interview Preparation TIP 2: Prepare for any tests!

Many employers use tests as part of their recruitment process. These can be online, situational, psychometric or practical. The recruitment materials will often indicate where a test will be used and in many cases, what kind. If not, look through the job requirements and think how the panel may seek to prove your skills in these areas. If you are applying for a trainer / lecturer, for example, you may be asked to make a presentation in the relevant subject matter. You cant prepare for all cases, but some initial preparation will likely give you the edge over the competition.

Interview Preparation TIP 3: Practice interview questions and answers!

This is where we come in! Standouty.com has an extensive range of interview questions and answers. Check by job and then by skills. Select the relevant ones and then practice them adding your own examples and experiences. Even if the questions you are asked aren’t identical, having prepared answers will pay dividends!

Standouty’s job specific interview questions and answers can be found here: Job Specific Questions.

Standouty’s skills based interview questions and answers can be found here: Skills Based Questions

Interview Preparation TIP 4: Prepare YOUR questions for the Interviewers!

Any recruitment panel worth their salt will give you the opportunity to ask them any questions you have. These are a great opportunity to further demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and company and impress them even further. 2-3 questions should be fine. If you’ve nothing specific, ask about the company’s growth plans or their longer-term strategies. Culture is another great topic to raise.

Interview Preparation TIP 5: Make travel plans!

Know where you are going and arrive in good time! Account for traffic delays or bad weather. Not only will being late create a poor first impression, rushing will only add to the stress of the day. Give yourself a break, arrive early!

Interview Preparation TIP 6: Dress to impress!

First impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. Often before words are even said. Therefore, dress smartly. Doesn’t have to be a tux, but look professional and wear something you are confident in! Its also important to be comfortable. Selection processes can be a long day and you need to be focussed on your performance not your discomfort.

Interview Preparation TIP 7: Sleep well!

There is extensive research demonstrating the impact a lack of sleep can have on performance. It’s crucial you get a good night’s sleep the night before! Lack of sleep will leave you distracted and unfocussed and you need to be at your best. Early night for all!

Interview Preparation TIP 8: Don’t skip the most important meal of the day!

Following a great night’s sleep, ensure you have a good breakfast. Hunger is distracting. Eat something sure to make you feel better. We would also advise avoiding food with strong odour, stay away from garlic!

Follow the above and you’re sure to give your best.

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